We implement secure, stable and effective solutions that drastically reduce costs on IT infrastructures

Open Source Solutions

  •   Mail Servers


    Complete mail solutions to keep your mails safe and secure, featuring an excellent, feature rich, outlook style web interface for access from anywhere, anytime

  •  CMS Web Solutions

    Manage your own web

    Custom built websites that are self managed with a simple word-like web interface, if you can type, you can manage this with ease

  •  Storage Solution

    Safe Data Storage

    Built-in security features make malware a thing of the past. With the rock solid stability of Linux all your documents can be safely and securely stored in one location

  •  Reliable Networking

    Firewall and Network Management

    Secure and optimize your network with a Linux gateway, dhcp and dns server to ensure maximum efficiency of your company infrastructure

Our Clients

  • Audi
  • VW
  • ACA
  • EB Attorneys
  • AtHome
  • Mbatini
  • Wispex
  • Turtle

Contact info

  • Email: solutions@silvercore.co.za
  • or visit
  • http://support.silvercore.co.za

  • We only do onsite consultations on weekends to avoid network interrupts at your company. Consultations are charged per KM or flight, depending on the distance and are prepaid only. For bookings please contact us via e-mail. We do not list telephone numbers to avoid "you said, but I said ... " We keep everything on e-mail record to protect both parties.

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